Rocket Yoga

“What the heck is Rocket Yoga?!” you might be asking.

Rocket yoga is based on the Ashtanga-Vinyasa series, but with the different sequences (primary, secondary, etc.) mashed together and topped off with a healthy dose of playfulness and fun! Ashtanga is well-known for being a “serious” practice, where you have to work through primary series before you can progress to secondary series. So, in Ashtanga, you wouldn’t be allowed to practice crow pose, for example, until you had mastered turtle pose (kurmasana). Makes sense, right? Well no, not really! For most people crow is much easier than turtle pose! The founder of Rocket Yoga, Larry Shultz, decided you should be able to practice and work on the secondary series poses whenever you like, so he created Rocket Yoga, to ‘get you there faster’.

Rocket Yoga is divided into Rocket 1, Rocket 2, and Rocket 3 (a combo of Rocket 1+2). Classes are energetic and fun, allowing you lots of opportunity for arm balancing, building strength, and challenging yourself to try new poses.

But here’s the thing: you don’t need to be a gymnast, contortionist, or athlete, to enjoy Rocket! My aim is to make Rocket accessible to everyone, even if you’re nowhere near your Handstand (because, full disclosure, I’m not!). As long as you come with an open mind, willing to challenge yourself, try new things, and to enjoy yourself, then these classes are for you 🙂

Blocks and straps can be helpful for some poses, but if you don’t have any props, no worries at all.

“Introduction to Rocket Yoga” series

6th – 30th April 2021

Fridays 12-1pm (GMT)

In this series we will be working through the Rocket 1 sequence, breaking down the sequence at a slower, steady pace to begin with, then gradually adding on different variations for the poses each week whilst increasing the intensity and speed of the flow, so that by week 4 you will be Rocket 1 superstars!


Live only: £20 for the whole series (4 classes)

Live + on-demand: £25 for the whole series (4 classes)*

*Classes will be recorded and you will receive a link to the recording 24 hours after the live class has ended, giving you unlimited on-demand access to the series, so you can continue to work on it in your own time, or come back to it again and again!

It’s recommended to take all 4 classes so you can progress through the series. However, you are welcome to take one class on its own if you prefer. In this case it would be £6 drop in fee (live only).

Classes will take place via Zoom. To book in to this series, sign up via the link below, then send your payment via Paypal to (pay “person”), at least 24 hours before the first class starts. Once I have received your form and payment I will send you a link to the Zoom ‘meeting’. If you haven’t received a link from me 24 hours before class, please get in touch with me (via Instagram, Facebook, or the contact form on the website).

Step 1: Fill out the form using the button below.

Step 2: Pay using Paypal; send payment to (please choose “pay person/friend”). Please leave a note with your payment saying “Rocket series” so I know what you are paying for!

Any questions please feel free to contact me for more information.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!